Ann Marie Hubbard. USA
It all started with looking for a really tough looking Bulldog. No one was selling one to me so knowing nothing I bought a bitch to breed that special dog. I used one of Ernie Hubbard’s studs. The litter had 6 Three boys and three girls. No one would come to see my pups so finally I called Ernie. At 8 weeks he looked at them and said, “If, they grow up like this they should be shown.” I had no intentions of exhibiting dogs and thought he was fooling. After he completed the Championship on 2 of them I was hooked.
Well, I am in the Hall of Fame as a breeder and have Bullies in the Hall of Fame for their get. I expanded to include Frenchies in my love of the fancy. I have bred and completed the Championship of 10 Frenchies and have other Champions that I did not breed.
I am in The Bulldog Club of America for breeding Champions. Brookhollow Kennels with Ernest Hubbard bred 100 AKC Champions. He was my mentor. The Bulldog Club of Metropolitan Atlanta presented me with a Lifetime Achievement Award for my contributions to the breed.The Bull Dog Club of America National Rescue awarded me a plaque in 2014 at the National Show for my contributions and service to rescue.
I have judged many of the Bulldog Specialties in the USA. I also judged at the International Show in France, the Bulldog of the Year in Madrid,Spain  also  Japanese French Bulldog Club  National Show five times,  Mexico has invited me on four occasions to judge.
I am the American Kennel Club Delegate representing the French Bulldog Club of America.
It is with great pride that I accepted the opportunity to evaluate this World Show.