Augusto Benedicto Santos (Philippines)

Augusto Benedicto Santos III is a FCI all-breeds judge, president and chairman of the Board of the Philippine Canine Club.

His SUNSHADOW LABRADOR RETRIEVERS is one of the main forces behind the success of the Philippine Labrador Retriever today. He owned PCCI’s #1 DOG for 1996, #5 for 1995 and #3 for 1997. He has owned and bred more than 130 Champions – at least 70 of which are homebred. He also owned the #1 All-Breed “Sire of Champions” in the Philippines who, as of this writing, has sired forty-six (46) Champions – a number yet to be surpassed.

His present prefix, Sonnenschein, is involved with German Shepherd Dogs that he breeds and shows in both Germany & the Philippines. He presently owns “VA1 Sammo di Casa Beggiato” – a famous GSD and a leading sire in Germany.

He first obtained his license to judge Labrador Retrievers in 1995 and he has since been approved to judge All-Breeds in 2010.

He has judged in all continents of the world - Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.