Buryat - Mongolian Dog

Buryat – Mongolian Dog/Buryat- Mongolskaya Sobaka

FCI non-recognized breed

Conventional classification : FCI Group 2: The Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs


Section 2.2 " Molossoid and Mountain dogs"


UTILIZATION: a security and guard dog , a companion dog . Without working trial.

Buryat- Mongolian dogs are common in the vast territory of Russia: in the Republic of Buryatia and its regions – a part of the Chita and Irkutsk regions, in some areas of the Republic of Tuva as well as in Kazakhstan.

The Buryat- Mongolian dog is a breed from Central Asia. Its first remains were discovered during the excavations of the Hun settlement on the outskirts of the city of Ulan-Ude.

The ancient Buryats believed that this dog was sacred and believed that it brought them luck. People went hunting with Buryat-Mongolian dogs, they were guarding their owners , their houses and pets , and they were even looking after children.

Today at the RKF exhibitions we can see the descendants of this ancient breed, which has been restored thanks to the efforts of dog handlers in Buryatia.