Christofer Habig (Germany)

Former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, President of VDH and Vice-President of FCI, Christofer Habig is approved today for all breeds of the FCI-Groups 1,2 and 9,additional specialist breeds and BIS. Habig has been associated with Deutsche Doggen and Bordeaux Dogs from an early age. Habig has passed as a specialist judge for all molossers breeds at the age of 21, awarded CACIBs for the first time in 1977 and he is considered to be the one to effectively promote the global success of the molosser breeds family in the 80s. In addition to his keen involvement in all Working, Herding and Toy breeds, his special focus includes Border Terriers, the British and Hungarian Pastoral breeds and of course Pugs, Border Terriers, Do Khyis and several hound and sighthound breeds. Past President or Chairman of breed clubs in Germany and in the UK, Habig has judged at most of the relevant international shows in the last 38 years as well as several times at Crufts and at US Specialties. Holder of the VDH Baron Gingins Honorary Medal, elected a member of The Kennel Club in 1992 and President of The Welsh & West of England Bullmastiff Society.