Claudio De Giuliani (Italy)

I’m 63 years old and I was born in Forno di Zoldo, a little town in the Dolomites, a nice area known in the world for its mountains. In my life I have always had dogs as companions: when I was a child I went hunting with my father and later I became a hunter myself, before with a hound, later with a pointer dog. I have bred at first German shorthaired pointers, winning in show competitions. It was the 70s! My great love for German breeds brought me also to German longhaired pointers and I started to breed it; some of them became important in the show competitions and in hunting. I was the first Italian breeder who imported German longhaired pointers to Italy and I had the first Champion in Italy of this breed. I have many interests also for the German wirehaired pointer, but only as a lover and not as a breeder. I have always studied the pure dogs and I began to judge in 1979. Now I am All Rounder since 2004. I was a delegate of the Italian Kennel Club in the CID (German Wirehaired Pointer dog) and I was also a member of the pure breed book of the Italian Kennel Club. I was in the Italian Kennel Club Committee and in the Italian Judge Committee. I like writing articles regarding dogs and I have written on the most popular Italian dogs’ magazine. I have also written 12 books and I have made a video. I like hunting and hiking in the mountains and photographing nature. With my wife Manuela I’m breeding Dachshunds, with a good success, with many show champions. I have already judged in all Europe countries, in Argentina, in Russia, in Mexico, in Venezuela, USA, Australia and South Africa, Japan, China. I have judged in the European Dog Show in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, Romania, Switzerland and Czech Republic in 2014 and in Norway in 2015. I have judged in the WDS in Sweden, Slovakia, Denmark, Austria, Budapest, Helsinki in 2014.

I have judged at Cruft in 2010.

Some results:
- German Shorthaired Pointer: since 1970 until 1988; many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; I was in many German Competition;
- German Longhaired Pointer: since 1976 until 1990; many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; one Italian Champion and one International Champion
- Dachshound: since 1987 and still today; many Excellent in the dog Show; a some Italian Champion; International Champion, one Europe Champion; twice Vienna and Berna, Second Place with Reserve Cacib in a World Champion, two Club Champion, Reserve Cacib Vienna 2005 European Dog Show.