The confirmation of registration!


The confirmation of received applications starts from 12th October


Dear dog owners, who sent the applications to register in the World Dog Show 2016!

Due to some technical reasons, the confirmation of already sent applications has not been done before. The process of confirmation begins from 12th of October. The RKF would like to apologize for any inconveniences to those who had to wait for several weeks.

We are pleased that for the first World Dog Show in the Russian cynological history over 2,000 people have been registered only through the official website. We hope that you will also support us in the future.

Organizing such a great event is a very time-consuming task. We are grateful to everyone who is trying to help us to improve the work of the website as well as the work of the Russian Kynological Federation in general.

All your comments and observations are taken into consideration and under control. And we hope that in the near future this website will be the most convenient source of information in order to prepare for the World Dog Show-2016