Dear exhibitor of the World Dog Show -2016


Every registered exhibitor must confirm their participation on the official . Every exhibitor must agree with the “Rules of conduct and recommendations for participants” and after that print out their exhibitor card with catalogue number. It is necessary to have it in order to enter the halls of the dog show venue. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter by the security service. Please keep this printed document till the end of the World Dog Show. You need to go to a vet control and put a stamp in this card. After that, you will show your exhibitor card to the ring stewards and receive your ring number.

In order to get an online exhibitor card, you need to follow this link, read and agree with the “Rules of conduct and recommendations for participants”, enter a code from the list below. Videotutorial.

Dog's code indicates before the dog's name. If you cannot print out the card, try to open it in another browser. Exhibitor card is not saved, only printed. You can save the link by copying it from the address bar of your browser.  If you see multiple codes for one dog, it codes for different exhibitions.

If you or your friend have not received a participant code for some reason, please contact us by email, with information about pedigree Name and breed of the dog , also you can get an exhibitor card at the RKF office (room №20).