Elena Krutsenko (Russia)

Elena Krutsenko, Russia
Mrs Elena Krutsenko is an RKF-FCI judge of all breeds, a sports judge, an RKF kermaster of German Shepherd, a Vice-President of the Russian Utility Dog Federation (RFSS), a member of the RKF Standard Commission, a head of the Kennel Club of utility dogs in Magnitogorsk.
Mrs. Elena Krutsenko has a  legal education.
She started her cynological activities in 1969. Her first dog was East-European shepherd that took part in and became a winner of summer and winter military multiathlon.
Then she had German and Caucasian shepherd dogs, Black terrier, Rottweilers and, of course, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs. 
Mrs. Elena Krutsenko  is the breeder of Tau-Bai and Jamili, Central Asian Shepherd dogs, that became World Champions in 2000.
At the age of 18 years old Mrs. Elena Krutsenko became a sports and breed judge and started her career at the Kennel Club of utility dogs in Magnitogorsk 
"Cynology is mine! I dedicated whole my life to it – and I do not regret, I'm a lucky person, because my hobby is my profession, and it rarely happens. I am among those lucky people who have found not just a profession but a vocation!”.