Elena Yerusalimskaya (Russia)

Elena Yerusalimskaya is a veterinarian, FCI all-rounder judge.
Her first dog was Boxer. In 1979 she started breeding American Coker Spaniel. Since that time she has been involved in the canine world. In 1981  she started her judging career, in 1992 she became a RKF all-rounder judge, in 2000 – an international FCI all-rounder judge.
Mrs Yerusalimskaya has judged at the most prestigious national and international dog shows in 32 countries around the world. She has owned a kennel name “Ave Concorde” together with her husband and a renowned judge Mr. Eugene Yerusalimsky. A lot of champions have been bred in their kennel name so far including 12 World Champions, 13 Europe Champions, more than 30 international champions and more than 200 national champions.