Gunther Ehrenreich (Austria)

My first dog was a Dalmatian at the age of 15 years. The second was a Borzoi and the third was a Miniature Schnauzer in black silver in 1984. This colour was new at this time. I showed her on many shows and she obtained the titles Inter Champ, Austrian Champion and Austrian Bundessieger. I bred only one litter with her under the prefix “vom Schloß Mürzsteg”. Than I started my judging career and did my final exam for Schnauzers and Pinchers in 1992. Then I acquired my qualifications for other breeds, in the moment I am qualified to judge group 2, 3, 9 and 10.

I was judging in many European countries. 

I was also invited on such prestigious shows as the IDC World Dobermann Show 2007 in Italy and 2013 in Romania. The “Golden Dobermann Show” 2009 before the World Dog Show in Bratislava and also at the European Dog Show 2005 in Tulln. In 2012 I had the honour to judge on our World Dog Show in Salzburg Giant Schnauzers in pepper and salt and Bernese Mountain Dogs. This year I was invited to judge at the Interra Show during the World Dog Show in Budapest.
A Parson Russell Terrier has been living in my home for 10 years.
This year I finished group 3 and I hope next year group 8.
I’ve been working in the IT-Sector of a Bank for more than 30 years, unfortunately I have no time for breeding at the moment, only for judging on some weekends of the year.