Hans Wiblishauser (Germany)

Mr. Wiblishauser has been a Dobermann enthusiast since 1954 and acquired his first Dobermann in 1962.  In the following years Hans achieved success in national, international and world championship Breed Shows and trained several dogs to SchHIII level.  As a Breeder he owns the famous ‘von Bavaria’ kennel which produced a number of extremely successful dogs, both in the show ring and on the working fields.

In his capacity as President for 40 years and as chief judge of the Dobermann Verein, Mr. Wiblishauser is a Dobermann Specialist of world-renown and his judging activity in every corner of our globe is the best recognition of the esteem in which he is held by the Dobermann Community all over the world.  Over the last 40 years Mr. Wiblishauser has judged worldwide and he is present at all major FCI Shows.