Horst Kliebenstein (Germany)

At the age of 16 I bougt my first dog, a Great Dane. My first litter was in this breed. Further in the future I breed Basset - Hounds, Whir Teckel Standard and Westies.

Since 1961 I am  judge for Great Danes and one year later for Basset-Hounds and the French Bassets.

Since 1974  I am Group Judge for the old Group 5 and 6. Since 1986 I am Allrounder.

From February 1998  I am President of the FCI Judges Commission. Since 2014 honorary president.

I have ben jugded in the following contries. Most memorable Moments are judging all my now 19 world shows. First invitation to Sydney Royal and first time in South Amerika ( Argentine and Brasil) and South Africa