Larisa Kizina. Russia
At the age of 11 she was awarded a title of a pioneer instructor and handler of service dogs. At the age of 14 while taking part in the competitions at VDNH in Moscow with her Doberman Granat, she became an awardee and the youngest service dogs handler in the USSR. 
Since she was 16 she has been a trainer in all traditional training types of training. She became a multiple winner of the most prestigious competitions. She exhibited Dobermans and German Shepherds. 
For the first time in history she won the first place in summer all round event with her service dogs and Doberman Viking in 1969. 
She trained and prepared a big amount of handlers with service dogs, guard dogs, sledge drawing dogs and dogs for all round events, as well as dogs for skijoring.
She's been judging the working qualities of dogs since 1968. Larisa Kizina was invited to the shooting set to give her professional advice in the filming process.
She has been doing expertise at the shows since 1970. Since 1993 she has been an FCI all-rounder judge. She very much enjoys working with trainee judges. 
Larisa Kizina also has the experience of stock breeding of Dobermans, German Mastiffs, English Mastiffs, Petite Basset Griffon, Poodle, wire-haired miniature dachshund. Together with her daughter Larisa owes a kennel Lehnholl. It was founded in 1979 and is famous all over the world due to its first class pudels of white, brown and black color. The dogs of this kennel are holders of the highest ranks: Champions of the World and Europe, Interchampions, Champions of National Clubs of the leading cynological countries, including one of the most prestigious show - Cruft.