Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland)

I have lived with dogs since my childhood. Our family has always had some miniature schnauzers for catching mice and rats in our thoroughbred horses stable. A brown miniature poodle came into my life 1961 and became my first international champion that’s how I go interested in dog shows. Before my wedding in 1968 we were joined by a barsoi, “orlow’s kafkas” and he also won the title of a international champion. I have bred more than 65 Int. Ch., 25 World Ch. Many best in show winners and group winners, all under my kennel name Supestar. Also to be mentioned the first swiss bred American champion superstar’s bolero handled by densis MC coin. At present my fourth barsoi, Int.Ch. Sirhan Puskhin antonovitch from Canada, lives together with three miniatures poodles.
Fascinated by the show athmosphere, I decided to go into judging. In 1969 I passed the examination by the swiss kennel club and received my license as a poodle juge. I continued my training and shortly afterwards I was allowed to judge other lovely breeds. I suppose that the excellent quality of the poodles which I myself have bred and handled for many years in Europe helped me to obtain confidence as a Judge.
For the last 20 years I have had an opportunity to judge at the most important shows in Europe and other part of the world. After 30 years of Judging I’m still full of motivation when I stand in the ring. I love and enjoy seeing all these wonderful dogs and it is very exciting to compare the difference in quality between countries or even continents.