Miguel Angel Martinez (Argentina)

Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez is an FCA and FCI’s all breed judge.

He has bred Magyar Viszla, English Pointers, Irish Setters, Dobermanns, etc. and has obtained champions in these breeds.

He judged in exhibitions with CACIB in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Austria, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Colombia, Croatia, Slovakia, Venezuela, Norway, Bulgaria and Australia (Melbourne Royal Show). He judged in Canada and the United States.

He judged at the following International Dog Shows, among others: the European Dog Shows, FCI Americas and Caribbean Dog Shows, Dogo Argentino French Club Show, AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. He has judged dogs in all continents.

He has also judged at the following World Dog Shows: Argentina (1993), Vienna and Budapest (1996), Puerto Rico (1997), Finland (1998), Mexico (1999), Italy (2000), Portugal (2001), Netherlands (2002), Germany (2003), Brazil (2004), B.I.S. at the FCI World Dog Show held in Buenos Aires, Argentina (July, 2005), Poland (2006), México (2007), Slovakia (2009), Denmark (2010), France (2011), Austria (2012), Italy (2015).

Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez is a current President of the Federación Cinológica Argentina; Delegate of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s Americas and Caribbean Section since 1995; Member of the FCI’s General Committee since 1995; Chairman of the organizing committee for the World Dog Show 2005 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina; President of SICALAM’s Technical Commission;President of the “Magyar Viszla’s Friends Association”;President of the “Épagneul Breton Argentinean Club”; Secretary of the World Association for the Dogo Argentino (AMDA); Member of the Sociedad Rural Argentina’s Canine Commission; Former President of the FCA’s Council of Judges.

Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez is an Official Mediator of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) before the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

He is a field trial judge of Magyar Viszla, Épagneul Breton and German Shorthaired Pointer; Honorable Member of the Second Congress of South American Veterinarians; Honorable President of the Third Congress of South American Veterinarians; Honorable associate of the Kennel Club Santa Fe (Argentina), the Rosario Can Club (Argentina), the “Dogo Argentino Club” in Italy.