Mikhail Permyakov. Russia

Mikhail Permyakov has been a judge since 1983. An  all-rounder RKF-FCI judge since 2004, Chairman of Perm Municipal Breeders Society since 1982.

His first dogs were a boxer dog and a mastiff. Mikhail is the owner of the «Ail Keizi Hevit»t kennel, founded in 1981. There he breeds Kerry Blue Terrier, bulldog, French bulldog. Kerry Blue Terriers are the multiple  BIS winners  and top dogs of  National Club of Kerry Blue Terriers. Mikhail has been a judge in national Specialty, CAO shows, where he judges Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Welsh Terriers, Russian Toy, Skye Terriers. He is a President of the RKK and a Presidium Member of the Russian Kynological Federation.