Moscow watchdog

Moscow Watchdog 

FCI Non-recognized Breed

Conventional Classification

FCI Group II: The Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattle dogs

Section 2.2. Molossoid and Mountain dogs

UTILITY ‑ guard dog, protective family dog, companion

The Moscow Watchdog was bred in the post-war period at the Central School of Military Dog Breeding on the basis of kennel club “Red Star Kennel”. The ancestor of the breed was the dog by the name Orslan, born in this kennel.

The Moscow Watchdog can live in the city and can be a companion-dog, and at the same time it is a good guard dog and it can live outdoors.

The dogs of this breed are active and fine in temperament. They are obedient, easy to train and friendly to the family members, at the same time they are great guardians of their territory.

Although the breed is not yet recognized by the FCI, the number of the dogs of this breed is growing not only in Russia but also abroad. Nowadays Moscow Watchdogs are bred and widely popularized in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany.