Mstislav Polivanov. Russia
FCI judge, all-rounder, kermaster, RKF judge in national sport training.
He was actively involved in the establishment of RKF and was the first President of the Russian Federation of Service Dog Breeding and the Russian Union of Owners of German Shepherd Dogs. Nowadays he is the member of the RKF Presidium and Councilor of Imperial Society of Thoroughbred Animals "Derjava". He has judged multiple times at the shows in Europe and the USA, at the major Russian shows «Eurasia», «Russia», national and international mono-breed shows. He also trained many judges and cynologists. 
He has successfully bred German Shepherds for 25 years and now he breeds giant schnauzers.
Mstislav Polivanov is also a Professor of Kazan State Technological University. A lot of his time he devotes to horses. Mr. Polivanov was awarded with certificates of Honor by the Central Committee of Voluntary Association of Assisting Army, by the European Trotting Union and other organizations.