Oleg Yanchev (Russia)

Oleg Yanchev is the judge of all breeds of dogs, the judge on working qualities of dogs since 2004. Since 1972 engaged in the environment, his first dog East European Shepherd. Over 20 years, he has devoted special training of dogs of different breeds for the Border Service of Russia. Almost 30 years of experience in breeding dogs breed boxer. He has many champions of different rank in his kennel BOXDORF, which was registered in 1994.
He's the president of the regional club of dogs of all breeds in Vladivostok, is the President of the regional branch of RFSS, vice president of the RFSS, member of the Presidium of RKF.
He is fond of different kinds of training; examines the dogs in many countries ‑ in South Africa, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, almost all European countries and more than 500 cities of Russia.
He was awarded the Golden Badge of RKF.