Olenegonnыy Spitz

Reindeer herding Spitz


The Reindeer herding Spitz breed belongs to the Spitz group that has a long history. Herding reindeer is a kind of dog utilization that is very popular among people, who are currently living in the north-western part of Russia (the Sami, the Nenets, and later - the Komi and the Khanty). The main areas of breed formation are tundra regions where the Nenets herd reindeers - European North and the Yamal Peninsula in Western Siberia. Reindeer herding dog lovers were already known in the XIX century. The Reindeer herding Laikas, that owner was Prince A.A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov, received a golden medal at the anniversary dog show of the Imperial Society Of Proper Hunting in 1898. In deep snow or in the hummocky tundra Reindeer herding dog moves and chases the deer slowly.