Grin Olga. (Russia)
PhD,   international all breeds judge , RKF judges examiner,  Kermeister,  Veterinarian was graduated in Academy of Veterinary Medicine Kazan,  specialist in structural features and pathology of musculoskeletal system in dogs.  
Chairman of the Canine Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan,  the head of the breeding dept СFRT. Author of the fundamental monograph on the history and genealogy of the Rottweiler breed (Russian and English).
Breeder since 1987., Owner of the kennel "Russen Rothenshild". Especially interested in such as the breeds -   Rottweilers,  Molossoids,  Shepherds, Spitzs, American Akitas, Huskies, Terriers, especially of the "Bull-type" Pointing breeds, retrievers, and many breeds from  the group 9.
Lives in Russia, Kazan, other interests - horse breeding, gardening, landscaping linguistics, traveling.
Judged  on major international and national dog shows in the following countries: Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, the USA, New Zealand, Australia (New South Wales and Victoria, Western Australia), Brazil, the Philippines , Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, and in the majority of CIS countries.