The Organizing Committee of the WDS2016


The Organizing Committee of the World Dog Show 2016 would like to inform all participants and guests: 

  • According to the Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Cruelty to animals) and according to the RKF Show rules and regulations it is strictly prohibited to bring dogs in pinch or electric collars, to beat dogs, to leave them unattended in a car or any actions that can result in an animal injury or a death. In order to prevent any illegal activities, a special brigade will retrieve the animals from the vehicles, if necessary;
  • About 100 volunteers who can speak foreign languages as well as more than 100 interpreters will take part in the WDS 2016;
  • Storage and cloak rooms will be available for everyone at the show venue;
  • Enjoy your meal with pets at various cafes and restaurants of Crocus Exhibition Centre;
  • More than 2 exercise areas (150 sq m. each) will be organized for dogs.