Otakar Vondrous (the Czech Republic)

Mr Otakar Vondrou. Czech Republic
I have been interested in Cynology since 1969, at the time being I started breeding St.Bernard breed , that I have been breeding till now.
I became  a president of St.Bernard Club .I have been  a judge since 1986 and I am a  judge for all breeds for 10years.
I was hardly judging in all European countries.
I am a president of Cynological Club Interdogbohemia and I have been organizing the big International Shows, INTERDOG BOHEMIA-CACIB, and Czech National Dog Show in city Mladá Boleslav for 25 years and the other cynological activities that club is organizing, too.
I am a president of Cynological Association Czech  Republic and member of Directory Board of  Czech Cynological Union-CMKU.