Parking for camping-cars/caravans


Parking for camping-cars/caravans
Today there is only one parking for camping-cars/caravans in Moscow. It is located in Sokolniki Park at the crossing of Rostokinskiy proezd and the 5th Luchevoy proselok (the coordinates are: 55.8166, 37.6778). The quality of the camping corresponds to the European standard of camping. You can settle down in the camping at any time( 24 hours/per day). On the territory of the camping there is enough parking spaces for 40 camping-cars/caravans.

We would like to inform you that there will be reserved the part of parking for camping-cars/caravans next to the WDS Venue  "Crocus Expo" , it will be only for camping-cars/caravans parking during the day time of holding World Dog Show 2016. The owners of camping-cars/caravans will be able to park camping-cars/caravans next to the “Crocus Expo” only using special passes/badges. For the nighttime, the owners of camping-cars/caravans will have to come back to the special Camping in Sokolniki Park. The distance from the Camping in Sokolniki Park to “Crocus Expo” is approximately 27.6 km.
If you would like to get more detailed information concerning booking of space for your camping-car on the website of Camping in Sokolniki Park, please follow this link:

You can send an application on the email: (please fill in the table and send it to the email :







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Especially for the guests and participants of the World Dog Show 2016 our partner MOO "Liga Caravanerov" provides the 5% discount at the Camping in Sokolniki Park.

We remind those people who plan to enter the territory of Russia through the territory of the Republic of Belarus that for crossing the borders of the Republic of Belarus, you will need a transit visa.