Peerapong Pisitwuttinan (Thailand)

Peerapong’s interest in dogs started when he was very young, owning his first dog at three and a half years of age. He started showing with GSH in 1986. He dedicated himself seriously to the showing and breeding of Boxers with very satisfying results and considerable success. His first Champion Boxer is considered to be the second Boxer Champion that was born in the country. He has been involved with the leading breed clubs in Thailand and been in positions in many breed clubs such as the vice chairman, the secretary, and the consultant. At home he grew up amongst his mothers’ and sisters ‘ various breeds, over time these included the Poodle, Miniature Pinscher., Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Chihuahua, Bull Dog, Doberman, Pug, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Thai Ridgeback, Chow, Golden Retriever, and others.

After finished his Master Degree in 1999, he attained the Kennel Club of Thailand (KCTH)’s first judging trainings for two years, and been trained by many noted F.C.I’s judges-the president- and the board of committees, the ANKC’s chairman of judging training, KC’s of UK and AKC’s well known judges, set in Thailand and Asia including many courses in Japan and other Asian countries. He passed the F.C.I’s standardized tests, AKU’s (Asian Kennel Union) and KCTH’s examinations and procedures with an exceptional score in Asia and still the highest score of the country.

Later, he became accredited as a Boxer judge in 2001.  He was invited to be a member of the KCTH’s Judging Committees, and was voted in as their secretary. He continued to attain other Group judge status, passing the club procedures and became a Working group judge, Hound group judge and all other groups in the period of 10 years as F.C.I’s requirements and became an F.C.I’s accredited All rounder (Internationally type A) since 2011.

He has been invited by many noted institutes in Thailand such as leading Universities and The Dog Training Centres of the Police, Army and Air Force as their guest speaker and Professor and been invited to talk about the dog breed and Dog issues in many TV programs even now a day.  He has been a consultant for Thailand’s biggest research centre and the Perfect Companion Group ltd, where he produced many Grand Thailand, Grand American and International Champions from his breeding program. This involved many different breeds under his Perfect Companion’s prefix including many times, the number one Beagle of Thailand in many years including 2012-2013, top twenty Beagle in USA for two years (including AOM-Westminster, AOE-World Challenge2009, BOS-World Challenge2012, AOM Westminster 2014), Number one Toy Poodle, Number Two Pomeranian, top winning Goldens and other breeds. Many of them are Multiple BIS winners in Thailand, Philippine, and Indonesia which all his bred champions are over 100 champions so far from his twenty five years experiences. 

Prof.Peerapong has been invited to judge internationally, including many times judging Best in Show for ANKC’s, AKU’s, F.C.I’s International shows in Thailand, PCCI (Philippine), JKC (Japan), PERKIN (Indonesia), Australia, South Africa, India, BIS CKU China and the group judge of the well known Eurasia Dog Show(total entries over 17,000 entries)- two times (Sporting and Spitz group), Best in Show in Vladivostok, Vladimir, BIS RKF-Russia and many other shows around the world.