Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain)

Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain)

All his childhood passed among Pyrenean Mastiffs in his family’s farm near the Pyrenees, in Aragon (Spain).

Rafael Malo Alcrudo has been a breeder of Pyrenean Mastiff since 1974 under the kennel name “La Tajadera del Tío Roy”, having won more of 180 National and International Championships, as well as seven European Winners and six World Winners.

His dogs have been used as foundation stock to start breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs in several countries, as France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany, Czech Republik, Hungary, Polland, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

In 1977  Rafael Malo Alcrudo founded the Spanish Pyrenean Mastiff Club (CMPE) where he was a General Secretary until 1986 and a Chairman since then until June 2010 and currently he is a Founder President. In 2014 he also founded the Pyrenean Mastiff International Association (MOSTIN.IA)


Rafael Malo Alcrudo is an author or co-author of nine books and several articles, both in Spanish and English, mainnly about molosser breeds, but also about sighthounds and pastoral dogs.


Rafael Malo Alcrudo became an International FCI judge in 1982. He has been an all-breed  FCI international judge since 2005.

Rafael Malo Alcrudo was a member of the Board of Judges of the Spanish Kennel Club from 2005 to 2009 and again since 2013 until now. He was a member of the Spanish Kennel Club’s National Breeds Comission in 1993 and since 2014 until now.

Rafael Malo Alcrudo has judged at different shows in many countries around the world, including 13 World FCI Shows and 11 European FCI Shows.

Also he has given a lot of seminars about different molosser breeds and judged many specialty shows of molossers in the five continents.

Rafael Malo Alcrudo has been a President of the Aragon Kennel Club since 1990.