The results of World Cup 2015


On June 14, 2015 the largest and the most prestigious dog show in the world WDS 2015 completed its work. For the first time in the history of holding such a show, the best dog, that won BIS, is from Russia. Bearded collie, Roni, owner – Olga Klimova (OPS I DID IT AGAIN DEL CUORE IMPAVIDO), became the best dog of the WDS 2015 in Milan, Italy!

According to the organizers, more than 29 000 dog of 300 breeds from 65 countries from all over the world participated in the show.  Russia is on the third place according to the number of participants. The host country, Italy, is on the first place with 8 143 participants. France is on the second place with 1 647 participants.

During 4 days of the show 200 judges were choosing the best dogs in each breed. The show was held in 6 halls of 103, where 100 rings were located. Russian breeders performed at a high level. They took the second place in the rating of the obtained 170 CACIB titles. Italian breeders, who won about 540 CACIB titles, did the most productive work. French breeders took the third place with 130 titles.

The tension was getting more and more intense at the show finals. Looking at the focused faces of Russian handlers, breeders and owners it was easy to guess that all these people had come to Italy only to become winners at WDS 2015. They proved it repeatedly every day. The Russian dogs became the best in several competitions such as best baby, best puppy, best kennel name. 3 consecutive days, 12-14 June, Russian dogs won the first place in the “Best couple” competition without giving a chance to others.

On the last day of WDS 2015 there was the Best in Show, which determined the happy outcome. Bearded collie, Roni, became the best dog of FCI 1 group and after that the winner of BIS 2015! With tears in her eyes, Olga Klimova was accepting congratulations from FCI Board, judges, dog lovers. Organizers were generous with gifts: Olga received a nice cup (Special FCI prize), a golden medallion handmade by Swarovski, a memorable statuette and a mail prize – a car.

The victory of Russian breeders became symbolic in preparation for the WDS 2016. Before the main competition, the grand ceremony of FCI flag transfer to the next country-organizer took place. The FCI flag was received by RKF President Alexandr Inshakov: “Holding WDS 2016 is a great and joyful event for all Russian cynology. We have passed a long way in order to get the right to hold WDS 2016 in Moscow. We will try to make this significant event unforgettable and unusual!”

In the framework of WDS 2015 RKF stand was organized, where every person could get all the detailed information about the upcoming WDS 2016.

During the whole show RKF staff did not forget about the awful tragedy that had happened to Russian breeders several days before the WDS 2015 opening. In the memory of those, who died in the car crash, RKF staff gave away black ribbons. The organizers of the show took up this idea. Nobody was indifferent. The black ribbons were on the suits of breeders, handlers, sport competitors as well as judges and FCI Board.

Victims of the car accident were honored with a minute of silence at the FCI General Assembly in Milan. The following day began with a minute of silence that became a sad tradition accompanying every significant event of the show like WDS 2015 opening ceremony or press conference.

Organizers conveyed their condolences to Russian participants once again before the grand ceremony of FCI Flag transfer on the main ring. 6 rays of the spotlights were crossed in order to symbolize 6 victims. The President of Italian Kennel Club (ENCI), Dino Muto expressed his sorrow and added that all participant fees for 19 dogs will be refunded. 

Moreover, apart from general program, the press conference was arranged. It was devoted to WDS 2016. RKF President Alexandr Inshakov and RKF Executive director Olga Proskuryakova told the journalists about the preparation for the WDS 2016. They gave detailed information about the facilities of the showing ground – “Crocus Expo” which is the largest exhibition centre in Russia. Owing to the expected arrival of a large number of WDS participants to Russia in 2016, the RKF rented the most spacious pavilion № 3. They also talked about the show program. In the framework of WDS 2016 there will be organized: Dog Dance World Championship and Obedience World Championship, International Dog Show of Terriers “Interra-2016”, Junior Handler Competition and more than 30 specialty shows. While talking RKF Board also mentioned transport facilities and infrastructure of the capital – Moscow.

Alexandr Inshakov concluded his speech by saying: “I would like to express my gratitude to Italian Kennel Club for its great show. We have an example of a high-level organization of the show. We will do our best to hold the World Dog Show 2016 at a decent level."