Rules of conduct How to behaviour at the Dog Show

Rules of conduct
How to behave at the Dog Show


It's always the owner who is responsible for the dog's behaviour. Please follow our simple rules. 

1. Every participant with no financial debt who has underwent registration procedure should confirm his/her participation on the official webpage There anyone may acquaint themselves with the rules of conduct at the dog show and print the form of WDS participant according to the instruction. This form is necessary for passing to the dog show halls. 

2. Upon detection of false or incorrect information about the dog during the process of registration and the show, its owner may be disqualified.

3. The dogs’ welfare and health must be of utmost priority at the WDS-2016.
The exhibitors are responsible for the welfare and well-being of the dogs at the Dog Show. It is forbidden to expose a dog to a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving it in the car in excessively hot or cold weather without proper ventilation. The security service or the members of the organizing committee are allowed to call the police in order to take urgent steps for salvation.
Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows up to 3 years.

4. The desirable time of arrival to the dog show should not exceed 2.5 hours before the particular ring. It allows avoiding the queues, crowds, any discomfort, etc. If the owner has more than one dog to show, the time of arrival should be counted from the start of the ring for the first dog.

5. Two persons are welcomed free with one dog participating in the Dog Show. 
The entrance to the Dog Show is allowed upon presentation of a ticket. The exhibitor should always have a ticket for passage.

6. The participants are to be registered on line, the dogs should be checked up by the vets. Rabies and canine distemper virus vaccinations are mandatory for any dog that attends the Dog Show.
Do make sure your dog is up to date on his vaccinations and parasite control. This includes rabies, distemper and kennel cough vaccines as well as flea, tick and intestinal parasite control.
The participants from Latin America and the USA should have international a vet certificate issued not earlier than 2 weeks before the trip to the show.

7. Only the dogs participating in the Show are welcomed.

8. The owners are obliged to have vet passports and the copy of a pedigree (puppy card) for participating dogs and, if necessary be ready to show the documents (vet passport, catalogue number etc.) on demand.

9. Show respect for your surroundings – don’t let your dog run free at the Crocus Expo premises. Pick up after your dog – dog mess creates irritation.

10. Dog walking is carried out only in designated areas outside the halls.
Do keep your dog on leash until the dog is in the designated enclosed off-leash area.

11 The entrance to the preparation area of show rings is carried out in the presence of the special bracelet of participant. It is there the participant receives a branded participant number 30 minutes before their ring.

12. Every participant is provided with a personal place in the preparation area of the show ring. This space gives the opportunity to place the cage, the grooming table and the chair. 
The principle is simple: one dog - one place. If there are more than one dog participates, the owner may take the next place.
Further movement into other halls is possible via street pass on presentation of the WDS participant form.

13. It is forbidden to stand the cages and boxes with dogs closer than a meter to the ring. The passages for participants and visitors should be of appropriate width. There should be not less than 3 meters of free space between the nearby rings.

14. It is forbidden to stand the cages and boxes with dogs in the close vicinity to the entrance and exit of the Main Ring. 

15. It is forbidden to show dogs wearing strict collars, muzzles, breast- bands. Only leashes are permitted. Out of the ring dogs should be in the boxes, cages or on short leashes.

16. It is forbidden to prepare a dog with any substance that will alter the structure, colour or form of the coat, skin or nose. Only trimming, clipping, combing and brushing are allowed. It is also forbidden to leave the dog tied up on the trimming table, longer than necessary for the preparation. 

17. Preparation of dogs for the show (combing, grooming, styling) is allowed only in the designated grooming zones.

18. The only one person (a handler) is allowed to handle the dog in the ring. This person is completely responsible for the behaviour of the dog in the ring.

19. Children under 14 years are not allowed to the area of show rings. The only exception is the Junior Handler Ring.

20. The organizing committee must guarantee that the judging in the rings as well as all other competitions do not start before the time announced. The judging a breed before the time specified in the schedule prohibited.

21. Latecomers are not allowed to the ring.

22. Leaving the ring during the procedure without a judge permission may result in disqualification of the dog.

23. Protests against the judges are not accepted.

24. If a dog behaves aggressively in the ring (breed-group-finals) and its behaviour is eye-witnessed by the judge in duty, the latter has to write a report for the attention of the organizing committee and has to disqualify the dog for the rest of the competition. All the awards and titles of the day are cancelled.

25. Removing property of the organizers out of the WDH halls is strictly prohibited. Round the clock video surveillance is in all areas of the show.

26. It is forbidden to use balloons, firecrackers and other noise effects.

27. Staged and professional photo, film and video are prohibited without the permission of the organizers. Only accredited photographers are welcomed.
Photography is allowed on personal phones and cameras for personal use.

28. At the Crocus Expo premises and the Dog Show venue it is strictly prohibited:
authorized trading; unrecognized advertisements; selling of puppies, medications and pharmacological products of any kind as well as and other kinds of illegal trade.

29. Only the specialists of the state veterinary service have the right to provide medical care to the dog and give any medications.
The dog owner may give the first aid only to their dogs.

30. Forbidden to commit acts that violate the established modes of functioning of technical means of protection and fire alarm systems.

31. Participants and visitors are not allowed to smoke and to drink alcohol at the Dog Show venue with the exception of specially designated places.
Prohibited to violate public order.
Infringements against these regulations can be punished with disciplinary measures/ the dog owners and their dogs can be disqualified.

32. If you accidentally forget the diplomas in the exterior ring, you will be able to pick them up in the RKF Secretariat later.

33. All your questions you can address at a special reception area, and consult the volunteers in the dog show area.

34. The organizer does not bear responsibility for any items left unattended.

There rules are accepted at the meeting of the WDS -2016 organizing committee.

Please do not forget that the international dog shows are not only the prizes and titles for your pets. 
The dog show is not only the best representatives of the breeds, but also the best breeders, who through their passion for animals and a humane attitude to nature serve as the example for new dog amateurs. 
And they demonstrate the standards of behaviour not only at the shows, but also in everyday life!

We wish success and victories at the show!