Russian - European Laika

FCI-Standard N° 304


Group 5 Spitz and primitive types.

Section 2 Nordic hunting dogs.

With working trial.

UTILIZATION: Hunting dog for all-round purposes.


The first mention of Russian-European Laikas, as  "northern prick-eared dogs," was published in 1895 in "the album of the northern dogs (Laikas)". These hunting dogs were called Cheremiskaya and Zyryanskaya Laikas. In 1947, after decades of breeding, the offspring of these Laikas was combined into one breed with a modern name - Russian-European Laika. In 1952, the International Canine Organization (FCI) approved the standard of this pure breed.

Energetic, balanced with strong hunting passion and a well-developed sense of direction. Russian-European Laika is very keen, hard-working and active.