Russian Toy

FCI-Standard N° 352


Group 9 Companion and Toy Dogs

Section 10 Continental Toy Spaniel and Russian Toy

UTILIZATION: Companion dog


In the early XX century one of the most popular decorative breeds in Russia  was the English Toy Terrier. Later their breeding was stopped, the number of dogs fell to its lowest level. Since the mid 50s, the Russian cynologists were restoring this breed. However, the standard made for this breed was rather different from the standard of the English Toy Terrier in the several main aspects. Since then, the development of this breed in Russia has gone its own way.

At present the Russian Toy Terrier can be in two coat varieties: smooth-haired and longhaired. These dogs quickly gained popularity around the world due to their small size, ease of care, intelligence and their sociable and cheerful nature. Elegant shape, varied palette of colors, impressive appearance make them attractive not only as companions but also in the show ring.