FCI-Standard N° 212


Group 5 Spitz and primitive types.

Section 1 Nordic sledge dogs.

Without working trial.

UTILIZATION: Sledge and companion dog.


The Samoyed Dog breed originally comes from the north of the Eurasian continent where it appeared 4,000 years ago. The breed got its name thanks to the Samoyedic tribes, the Samoyeds, who lived in the northern part of Russia and Siberia. The Samoyed has always been a great friend and a helper of a man: they slept in the houses, heating the body of a sleeping person, looked after children, pastured the deer, ran in harness.

At the present time the appearance of the Samoyed has made us associate it with the image of a Christmas dog. Its fur is white as snow, and of course, it has an inimitable smile. Even the Russian tsars could not resist the charm of this breed! The Royal Romanov family always kept one or two dogs of the Samoyed.

The Samoyed, medium-sized white "Arctic Spitz",  is obedient, hardy and confident. Modern Russian Samoyeds have got not only beautiful exterior but also great working skills. In Russia Samoyed dogs actively participate in sled dog trials.