South Russian Shepherd Dog

FCI-Standard N° 326


Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).

Section 1 Sheepdogs.

Without working trial.



The ancestors of the South Russian Shepherd Dog are ancient dogs that came to the south of the Russian Empire with the Indo-European tribes. The first documented mention of "Russian Shepherd Dog " appeared in the late XIX century, and in 1867 at the World Dog Show in Paris the dog breed "Russian Shepherd" was awarded a gold medal.

The breed was created for herding and guarding sheep. The modern name of the breed "South Russian Shepherd Dog" was finally approved in the USSR in the early 30s of XX century, when the first breed standard was issued.

In 1996 the South Russian Shepherd Dog was officially registered in the International Canine Organization (FCI).

Everybody can identify the South Russian Shepherd by its appearance: a big, shaggy white dog with a rough shaggy long fur. They are active, strong, have fast reaction to a stimulus, always ready to work. The South Russian Shepherd Dog is sensitive, suspicious and hardy.