Sredneasiatskaya Ovtcharka

FCI-Standard N° 335
Group 2 Pinscher & Schnauzer type, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.
Section 2.2. Molossoid Breeds, Mountain type.
Without working trial.
UTILIZATION: Guard and watch dog.
The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Sredneasiatskaya Ovtcharka) is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, takes its origin from ancient Tibetan dogs and dogs of nomadic tribes of Asia. The Central Asian shepherd dogs were used to guard livestock, caravans and owners’ houses. Severe survival conditions and constant struggle against predators have changed the character of these dogs, made them strong, fearless, and learnt them to economize the energy.
Hard work for creating the breed “Central Asian Shepherd” started in the USSR in the 30-s of XX century. In 1993 the International Canine Federation (FCI) approved the breed standard, and in 2011, the modern standard of the breed Central Asian Shepherd was published on the FCI website.
The Central Asian Shepherd is a hardy, self-confident, fearless dog, that has the  instinct of the guardian by nature and is a good protector of its territory. Despite of its temper, the Central Asian Shepherd is well-known as a calm, tranquil and intelligent dog. The breed is very popular in Russia and abroad.