West – Siberian Laika

FCI-Standard N° 306
Group 5 Spitz and primitive types.
Section 2 Nordic hunting dogs.
With working trial.
UTILIZATION: Hunting dog for all-round purposes.
This Russian hunting breed originally comes from the forest areas of the Urals and the taiga regions of Western and Eastern  Siberia. The West-Siberian Laika, in its modern form, was created in several stages. In the first stage during several centuries there was a selection of the most enduring dogs ​​with excellent working skills for hunting a big animal. In the second stage, which began in the 20s of XX century, there was a special work done by breeders in order to bring the breed to the same standard.
 In 1980, the West-Siberian Laika was recognized by the International Canine Organization (FCI).
At the present time the West-Siberian Laika is the most numerous and popular hunting dog in Russia, it is widespread in all areas of the country from Karelia to Kamchatka. The West-Siberian Laika is fearless. Among other Laikas, this breed is the most versatile because its ancestors used to hunt with a man, even bears. The dog is aware of its worth, confident in its strengths, but always ready to recognize the leadership of a man and follow him. Its special features are natural intelligence and gumption, and it does not cause any difficulties in breeding.