Yuzhnorusskaya spepnaya borzaya

South Russian Borzoi (Stepnaya Borzaya) is a breed of sighthounds, which appeared on the steppe regions of Southern Russia during the Soviet time. This breed is based on mountain and crimean sighthounds, interbreeding with Central Asian greyhounds the Tazi and the Hortaya Borzaya.
Despite of popular belief, South Russian Borzoi is not descended from Persian Greyhound and it is not related to it.
During the war, this breed became literally the breadwinners of families left without men. Even women and children could go hunting with these dogs, because South Russian Borzois did everything themselves. Therefore, people valued and took care of their pets, giving them the best piece of prey.
South Russian Borzois are active with well-developed visual reaction; it’s a strong and hardy breed. It is characterized by persistence and ability to hunt for a long time. They hunt foxes and hares.